Caratteristiche tecniche

Materiale d’incarto Thermosealing filter paper.
The innovative drum operating principle instead of the classic chain concept guarantees perfect synchronization of all the devices of the line even after millions of cycles. Furthermore, thanks to a unique design and the possibility of extracting the mechanical groups by means of a slide, the operator can do regular maintenance quickly and safely which increases the productivity of the line.

Confezioni ottenibili

Different weights and dimensions (e.g. ESE standard). 

Different weights and dimensions.  

Other pod shapes and dimensions can be verified, according to Customer’s requests 

Velocità al minuto Up to 300 pods/minute.
Depending on feeding system, product and packaging material.

fino a 300 cialde/min (cialde per minuto). confezioni al minuto

In funzione del sistema di alimentazione, prodotto e materiale di confezionamento

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