Automatic packaging machines with a technological heart

We design and manufacture automatic machines for the packaging of food items, chemicals, tea and coffee products.

Each machine is the result of a creative approach with which we face every problem. An approach that over the years matures into a skill and passion for unique designs that takes strength from the technology it uses. Our future is focused on the strength of our innovative ideas, and respect for the people we work with.

The originality and innovation of our packaging systems is attested by more than 200 patents and the WIPO INVENTOR AWARD, awarded to ICA as an Italian excellence, by the World Intellectual Property Organization, an agency of the United Nations.


A spirit of collaboration coupled with a sense of belonging and transparency. These are the principles at the core of our company, this has put us on a rapid growth path that has seen ICA become an internationally established company.

At the center of our world of values are people, from employees, to collaborators and customers, with whom we establish relationships of trust and respect, because we remain faithful to the founding values of our reality, those of a family-run company.


If our long story tells who we are today, the vision of beauty, innovation and sustainability anticipates our vision of the future.

ICA was born in 1963 due to the determination of Gino Rapparini who believed in his unique project: to build automatic machines relying on an innovative approach, without fear of diverging from the conventions of the time, and shaping the future of our company.

Challenges, dedication, passion and teamwork have always characterized our daily life and are the roots of a company that looks to the future with the same determination as 60 years ago.

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    ICA (Industria Costruzioni Automatiche) is established by Gino Rapparini in Bologna on December 23. His idea was manufacturing automatic packaging machines that used flexible materials.

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    CSV10: automatic vertical packaging machine from pre-made bags.

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    RS20: at the beginning it uses pre-made bags, then it evolves by forming its own bags from reel-fed film. Two versions are developed: AROMAPACK for fragile products and VACUUMPACK for under vacuum packaging.

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    Ica moves to its new location in Via del Litrografo 7.

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    Revolutionary HF100: mandrel machine for high-output paper packaging, especially designed for sugar, flour and rice.

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    HiVac 90: automatic machine for high-speed under vacuum packaging.

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    CSV40 series: automatic machines with extremely flexible bag treatment solutions.

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    Ica enters the single-serve coffee and tea pods’ market with the new drum-type PRONTOCOFFEE PC200 machine.

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    Single-dose technology: AROMACUP for coffee capsules and PRONTOWASH for water-soluble detergent packs. Two new lines for single-use packaging.

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    Production of coffee single serve with compostable capsules.

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    RCL1 the in-line compact machine for small productions of single serve coffee capsules, tea and instant drinks, with fast and assisted size changeover.

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    Sustainability. Photovoltaic system is installed on the new production facilities for a lower environmental impact.

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Each challenge is a new opportunity.

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